Frequently Asked Questions 


How far in Advance should I book my appointment?

We recommend that you reserve your future appointments with us with as much notice as possible. This helps to better ensure that we will be able to accommodate your schedule.

Do all appointments require a deposit?

All appointments require a deposit separate from any product deposits such as extensions.

Deposits are in place to ensure the commitment of the client to the scheduled appointment time. Our policy is a deposit of 50%  of your service and will be applied to your outstanding balance once you come in to the studio. Please understand our time is valuable therefore the more time you book the greater the deposit. This deposit can be forfeited if clients do not give the required notice of 24hrs as per our cancellation policy.


Can I Cancel my appointment?

Out of respect for both our guests and the time of our professionals, Vocare Hair Studio requires a minimum of 24 hours notice to cancel or reschedule any appointments. If less than 24 hours notice is given the guest will be charged 50% of their service fee or your deposit will be forfeited. Any outstanding balance will need to be paid before being able to reschedule your next appointment with us. 


Can I Reschedule my appointment?

We would be more then happy to adjust your bookings with us when given 24 hours notice. 


What if I am running late?

Please call us with the estimated time of arrival so that we may do our best to accommodate you.

Please note that if you exceed more than 15 minutes  past your scheduled appointment time that you may be rescheduled. We have other bookings after you and would hate to have their services severely interrupted.


DO you use non-toxic product? What does that mean?

Yes we absolutely use non-toxic products that are safe and effective from start to finish during all services. We believe our clients deserve only the best therefore we source, research and test products before retailing them. If we don't use it ourselves we definitely won't be applying it to our clients hair or skin.

The term non-toxic means that there are no harmful chemicals or ingredients used that may cause allergic reactions or sensitivities from over-exposure. 100% non-toxic products are typically 100% biodegradable, and leave no residue on the hair or skin once rinsed with water. These products can be broken down by water ensuring anything that may be absorbed by the skin will not cause bodily harm.  When the beauty industry uses terms like natural or organic they can trick you into thinking you are receiving a safe product. We do the extensive research so you don't have to. You can rest easy knowing we use only the best products for our clients and service providers.


How much will my service cost?

At Vocare we tailor every appointment to your specific hair needs, therefore pricing may vary and is subject to change. During your appointment time we will do a detailed consultation with you to ensure that you are aware of the costs that you may incur. If you have a specific budget in mind please let your stylist know so we can better inform you of what is possible within that price range. If you would like to know ahead of your scheduled appointment time you may book a 15 minute consultation where you will be given a detailed description of what to expect the day of.


Should I book a Consultation?

We recommend that all first time clients book a 15 minute consultation before booking a full service. This will help us better understand the required time for your full appointment.

Not all clients are required to book consultations.

For our existing clientele this time may be also used for guidance when thinking about a big change.


Do you take on bridal parties?

We most definitely take on Bridal parties and special events. Being a small salon we require at least 3 months notice when booking to ensure that we have a team large enough to suit your needs. To reserve your special day we require a non-refundable deposit of 50% that will be applied to your services received. The remaining balance can be paid on the day of by credit, debit, or cash.


Do you travel?

We have the ability to travel and will only do so for special events. When travelling we do not perform chemical services of any kind. 


Do you cut men's hair?

Yes we love cutting and shaping men's hair. We also have the expertise to do neck clean-ups with a straight blade to ensure a close and tapered hairline.


DO you do kids cuts?

Our studio welcomes children but does not have the ability to accommodate children under the age of  10 for services. Our prices are the same as our men's and women's cuts as they take the same amount of time and execution as an adult client. We hope you understand our quality and expertise is the same for every client no matter the age.


What is a Fringe Trim?

A Fringe trim is also known as a bang trim. This 15 minute appointment may be also used to clean up split ends, shape an existing hair cut, or even add texture. This service is complementary for existing clients. New clients will be charged a first time fee of $10.00.


How Can I Pay?

You may pay for your services by using Credit, Debit, and or Cash.


Do you have gift cards?

You may purchase a gift card online by clicking the link book now on our website. This will take you to our Online Booking system that will enable you to purchase and send the gift card.

In salon Gift Cards Now available!


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