Beat Winter Static


These are our favourite tips to avoid static during the winter months.


1. Avoid plastic brushes.

Switch your brushes to a wooden natural bristle brush to minimize static while brushing.


2. Avoid touching your hair

As we know friction cases static so the less you touch your hair the better


3. Use a leave- in conditioner

This will help add moisture back into the hair and prevent frizz.


4. Turn down the heat

In the winter we tend to up our thermostats which can cause dryness to the skin and hair. To help with this add a humidifier into your home or where you sleep to bring moisture back into the air


5. Hairspray

Apply a little bit of hair spray to your brush before brushing your hair. This will weigh the hair down and prevent static.


6. Light hair Oils

Apply a small amount of hair oil to dry hair (on the ends only ) to help moisturize and cut down static . We keep a small one in my purse to use throughout the day as needed


7. Invest in an Ionic blow dryer

Static has (+) ions this kind of technology emits (-) ions to neutralize static. This science based technology has a lot of other benefits so we believe it’s well worth the investment.


8.  Treatments

This prevents dryness that causes static . The more moisture in the air the less friction and static present.


9. Silk or satin hair wrap/pillowcase

This reduces friction while you sleep allowing you to wake up static free!


10. Dryer sheets

If all else fails grab some dryer sheets and rub to your combs and hair . This is easy to store in your purse for those hair emergencies