Grow Baby Grow - Month Two

We are very excited to be sharing our growth goals and results with everyone !

If you haven’t read Month one you should get on it because these tips seriously work ladies! 

On our second month we maintained our routine exactly as stated in Month one but we did add a few more great tips to maintain steady growth to our hair goals !



Ok let’s talk growth for one second here .

Did you know the average persons hair grows 0.5 inches per month ! That means it takes approx a year to grow 6 inches of hair . 

Well you will be happy to hear that by changing our habits and introducing our tips for growth Monique’s Hair  grew 1.5 inches which is 3x as much as the average growth rate !  

We couldn’t be happier to have things speed up (insert happy dance)  

Here are a couple things we added to our second month to keep up these amazing results!


Pre-natal Vitamin 

Ok ; there is no scientific evidence that taking a prenatal will increase hair growth but based on our own research pre-natal supplements aren’t just amazing for expectant mothers.

When looking at a label these vitamins give higher amounts of the nutrients needed to help produce healthy hair such as selinium , folic acid  , biotin and much more . 

When looking for a vitamin even a multivitamin will suffice as you want to ensure you aren’t taking too much iron or folate as this can cause other health issues . We wanted to receive higher amounts of these minerals in one dosage as we didn’t  want to add in each one separately.(which is an option). Taking a prenatal Is the most convenient way to add everything in one dose.

As always do not rely on supplements.

Eating a healthy diet of leafy greens, mushrooms , salmon, Brazil nuts and much more will also contribute greatly to your hair growth.

We are only taking this multi every other day. We are also ensuring the iron dosage does not exceed 45 mg to prevent any health concerns. As this dosage can be toxic to children and adults.

As we sat comparing labels and found that this supplement is very similar to other hair growth supplements and could perhaps have many hair growth benefits; thus we decided to safely add it into our routine.

Always consult with your physician before adding in any supplement to your diet.


Lowered Stress

We have had a big year with lots of changes and wanted to midigate and minimize stress as it can reek havoc on beauty .

We have made a conscious effort to take more down time, naps, and baths to decompress after big events or salon days. Stress hormones when elevated can cause alopecia areata. This can cause hair loss or stop growth and we obviously don’t want that !  

It’s simple and we all know that it’s important to take time to nurture our bodies because productive progress happens when our bodies are in recovery.


Silke London Hair Wraps  

These hair wraps are easy and super cute to wear to bed ! They are a 100%  silk which helps prevent friction and allows your natural oils to nourish your hair .

This allows you to have longer lasting styles, reduction in frizz and overall healthy hair ! We began wearing ours because we were  concerned of breaking  our fine ends while sleeping .

Monique hasn’t  been able to have second day Hair with shorter hair in years. Silke London has allowed her to greatly stretch out her hair washing thus leaving her natural oils behind to do the hard work for her !

We loved them so much that we now offer them in salon and they will also be available Jan 15.2018 online ! 


Are you adding in any of these tips and tricks to help with your hair growth ?

Let us in on your hair journey by commenting below 💕