Beauty Tip Tuesday Calming Scalp Irritation

Is your scalp feeling dry , irritated , itchy or flaking ?

Here are a few helpful tips to help calm a new or persistent scalp irritation.

1. Buy a Better Shampoo and cut out new products 

If your scalp irritation is new it may be a product that you have recently introduced that may be causing it. So cut out anything that may be new in your routine and slowly add things back in to see what is exactly contributing to your reaction. 

We often forget that our scalp is the same as the skin on our face, we spend so much time using the right products everywhere else so what not for our scalp !?

We recommend  using gentle products that do not strip the hair of its natural oils and  help the ph of the skin to stay in balance. Always check your ingredient labels to ensure that you are using a product with safe and effective ingredients.  If symptoms persists combine a gentle shampoo free of toxins with a medicated shampoo that contains Zinc Oxide. This will help soothe the scalp and allow the skin to heal. 

2. Diet  

Eating a healthy diet rich in nutrients will help skin and the immune system. Introduce foods high in Vitamin A such as peaches, cantaloupe, and apricots to help rejuvenate the skin .  

You may also introduce foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids as this aids in a visible reduction of inflammatory skin conditions like acne and psoriasis.  These fats are most abundant in sardines, salmon, mackerel, tuna, anchovies, and black cod. If your not a fish lover you may take these oils in capsule form or consume them through eating olive oil or nuts .

3. Natural Oils  

If your scalp is dry you may apply coconut oil to the affected area as it has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. This will help moisturize and defend this Scalp against infection. You may also add a drop of tea tree oil into the coconut oil to help kill any bacteria that may be causing the irritation. Coconut oil can be quite oily so we reccomned using it at night before showering in the morning.  

4. Exfoliate your Scalp  

Brushing your hair is also a way you can exfoliate your scalp . Use a boar bristle brush and place It on the scalp at your part on an angle , use a gentle flipping action of the bristles to give your scalp a little massage and to help remove any dead skin cells. You may do this as needed or before applying a moisturizer or using a medicated shampoo. 


5. Seek Professional Help  

So many factors such as hormones, stress, diet, and deficiencies can cause irritation on the scalp. If your symptoms persist we recommend visiting your family physician or dermatologist to help alleviate and treat your symptoms. 


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