Why we are Magazine Free

The first thing we usually offer clients that are processing is a magazine.

Did you know this alarming stat!?


We have decided to stop the madness and start REAL conversations in the salon environment again. Don't have a panic attack yes there will still be reading material but it will be images and books that educate,inspire , and uplift women.

We are professionals it's our JOB to give you the tools to look and feel beautiful daily so let's not distract from that with horrible and misleading reading material. 

This probably doesn't surprise many of our clients as we usually sit with them to talk and share our knowledge. We believe it adds a personal touch to what we do and uplifts our spirit to keep doing it! 

Lately we have been feeling and seeing how the culture puts pressure on women and we are getting tired of it . We are tired of hearing and saying I'm too this, I'm too that, don't I look better when I just cover my forehead?

On and on it goes ...  

We are constantly bombarded with unrealistic images yet told we should feel beautiful just the way we are. The worst part is we silently support it by clicking and reading all this SH!$.

At Vocare we want to be the first salon to give the culture a big middle finger and make the salon a place you can feel beautiful in your own skin and on your terms . So goodbye all things toxic, we just don't need ya! 

The salon is a place of no comparison, no judgement, and full freedom of expression. Everyone goes through life with transitions and phases that should be embraced and nurtured. We have been noticing the culture can sometimes distract us from our natural phases creating unrealistic expectations not just in beauty but in life !

Beauty is supposed to be fun however we get so fixated to look a certain way. (Trust us we notice it everyday)

We want to empower our clients to play, laugh, and feel confident in their skin because let's face it a new hairstyle or face cream can't change what's going on inside. 

At Vocare we want to help enhance the goods you got and express yourself in a positive way.

So let's play , connect , and get REAL together! 

Let us know what you think? Are you going to trash your mags to?