Journaling for Success

Beauty professionals tend to rely too much on the salon atmosphere to provide them with direction which can lead to lack of motivation, increased turnover, and negative back room talk.  At Vocare we noticed a significant improvement in our mentored stylists when they were able to write all of their goals and educational tools all in one place.  It allowed them to gain clarity in achieving goals, the ability to feel in control of their destiny ,and to have gratitude with how far they have come.

We decided to make journals to help empower stylists to better themselves and maintain gratitude throughout their career. 

These one of a kind journals made specifically with stylists in mind can be found on our website.  

Here are a couple of reasons we are passionate about Journaling for your success! 


Health Benefits  

Not only have some of the most successful people such as Oprah and Tony Robbins been known to journal,  but journaling also has proven and studied health benefits.  

At the University of Texas a psychologist and researcher James Pennebaker contends that regular journaling strengthens immune cells, called T-lymphocytes. Pennebaker believes that writing about stressful events helps you come to terms with them, thus reducing the impact of these stressors on your overall health.  


 "Gratitude is the best attitude "

When we are able to see the positive things in life and write them down it helps us rewire our brain to see the good things first. This allows us to gain and maintain happiness as well as see the world around us in a new light. 



Permanent Record of Progress  

In our busy lives we tend to rush from one errand to the next. Accomplishing one thing to another without really realizing how much we have done or stop to notice our progress. Journaling allows us to have a record to help us keep track of our goals and accomplishments. Many times we get frustrated thinking we are stuck, that nothing has happened when in reality  we just haven't taken the time to analyze our progress or have a clear outline of our goals to work from. Journaling allows you to have a clear plan and stick to it making you more likely to stay inspired and continue towards those bigger goals and dreams.  

 Achieving Goals

When you write down your specific goals it signals to your brain that "this is important" helping you achieve those goals more quickly and with a greater sense of satisfaction. 

Self- Awareness and Problem Solving  

When you can clearly see your journey you are able to gain more self awareness , notice harmful patterns and solve problems in your life and career. When you can see where you have been, through failures and successes you are more likely to avoid the things that didn't work and improve upon the things that did. When we spend a lot of time pleasing others around us we forget that it is important to take a moment to go inward and reflect upon what truly makes us happy within the work place. 

Take the time to ask yourself what do you love ? What are you good at ? What does the world need?

Asking these important questions will help you narrow your focus and continue to find new ways to achieve your goals ! 

We hope that you will give journaling a try and let us know what you think ! 


Vocares' journals come in soft and hardcover options  

Vocares' journals come in soft and hardcover options