Beauty Counter Shampoo

Did you know that SAFE products can be just as effective as a professional product!?

When you use products at home be sure to read the label. Some shampoos can be misleading at first glance and could effect your overall health. 

Some Shampoo/Conditioners can contain preservatives that may be a neurotoxin. Beauty Counter products are free of 1,500 harmful ingredients including these preservatives.

Now you can have safe products that work and we wanted to prove it to you.  

We did an experiment to see how Beauty Counter stacks up against professional and drug store product. 

The results were amazing and may surprise you!  


This experiment shows us the quality of each product and how deceiving product labels can be. 

Compared (from left to right )our New Beauty Counter Shampoo , Drug Store product and Professional products to see how much colour they would draw from the extension .

 So the more pink you see the harsher the product is on YOUR HAIR!

We also let the product settle for 24 hours for you to see how clear it is and if the shampoo was indeed completely water soluble.



The results were mind blowing ! This showed us products can be safe and effective. We just need to educate ourselves on how to read our product labels so we know how to make better choices.

What is stopping you from purchasing safe products?

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