Beauticians Against Bullying

Have you experienced bullying in the workplace ?

Did you know that 40% of Canadian workers deal with bullying on a daily basis ?  

Clearly this is an issue we should not ignore and can impact your business greatly ! Everyone has seen it happen or has been directly affected by abusive behaviour however many of us do not feel comfortable talking about it. 


We believe when we raise awareness of important issues such as bullying and what it means to be abusive we can eliminate the victim mentality and empower others to be better. We need to hold each other accountable or these issues will continue to consume our work force.  

Beauticians are so focused on technical skills that we forget that there are other social skills that need to be developed as well. There are many factors within our industry that can create success and we should start bringing more like minded individuals together to help create better career development for all beauticians.

We hope that you are able to attend and support this amazing event as we know ther is always something to learn. 

Below are some helpful facts that outline more about bullying and it's subtle effects on the workplace.  


What it means to be a bully

A bully is a person who uses strength or power to harm or intimidate those who are weaker. They use superior strength or influence to intimidate,to force him or her to do what one wants.

I have seen this in every workplace and it can happen between employees , between a boss and workers, and even between clients and service professionals .  How we interact with one another breeds a culture within the workplace. What kind of culture do you want to be a part of ? 

What kind of bully are you dealing with? 

Knowing the individual is key in understanding how to deal with them properly.  

  • Subtle bullies – torment their targets with quiet but piercing techniques. Is a two-faced, passive-aggressive destroyer of reputations through rumour spreading, controls target's reputation and may also ignore only the individual to send a message.
  • Abusive bullies – hound a target employee without mercy, and humiliates target in a public setting.
  • Controlling bullies – control target via withholding resources (e.g. time, budget, autonomy, training) necessary to succeed.
  • Raging bullies – intimidate everyone in the vicinity with their out-of-control anger.
  • Echo bullies – are not normally abusive, these bullies mimic bullying behavior with their own subordinates.
  • Opportunistic bullies – are competitive people who are interested in making career gains even though it may involve stepping on other people.
  • Critic bullies – falsely accuse and undermine targets behind closed doors, attempting to control the target's self-identity. 

Signs and symptoms of bullies

  • Unrealistic job demands.
  • Unreasonable criticism.
  • Creating an inconsistent or unfair work environment.
  • Not giving credit where it is due.
  • Insults, putdowns, yelling, screaming, and other abusive behavior.
  • Increased employee turnover  
  • Increased stress
  • Increased accidents  
  • Decreased productivity and motivation  
  • Decreased morale
  • Decreased corporate image and confidence  
  • Constant and persistent criticism  
  • Belittling opinions 
  • Blocking training, leave, or promotion
  • Yelling or use of profanity towards an individual  
  • Tampering with personal belongings and equipment 

We are not always able to control others and their behaviour, however we can control our approach and how we deal with different personalities .

We should learn to better communicate with others to help empower all employees and make everyone feel as welcome as our customers.  

Learn to resolve the bullying 

It is very important to educate yourself on how to resolve conflict and connect with different personality types. The best way to approach a conflict is in a private setting allowing both parties to be heard. Many workplaces can bring in a third party if required to ensure both parties are heard and that progress to a resolution is made.

Often people are unaware of how their actions are being perceived. If no one speaks up nothing will change and the behaviour will continue. This is why we believe events like Beauticians Against Bullying are important to empower positive conversations and enforce better behaviour.  

We hope this helps bring awareness to helping create more positive work environments ! If you would like to learn more please visit our events page to attend Beauticians Against Bullying. 

 "Be the change you want to see in the beauty industry "