How To Be A Conscious Consumer



I have had so many clients ask my opinion on beauty products, what I think , and why is it that I don't get hyped on the next new product!? 

As we know there are millions of products out there that are there to make money. They are allowed to exaggerate results and do it at our expense LEGALLY ! It is because as women we love the thought that our cure to split ends and wrinkles are all in one jar. We have allowed this to happen and now we leave confused. However the reality of beauty is that it takes work and encompasses more than one amazing product. I relate it to weight loss; if you go to the gym (salon) but then go home and eat potato chips (a non professional product) then obviously you will not achieve the results you are looking for.  I try not to put all of my eggs in one basket. I know and understand how professional products work what makes their ingredients better. Therefore I don't get hyped about a product until I do the research behind it to know if it would work for me or my clients !   

In the salon world we only commit to products that are transparent and  committed to excellence. In most Salons it is all about being exclusive to us , giving us education, and creating products that work ! This leaves the guess work out for you, knowing that your stylist did the research and is giving you a quality product based on science .

So what happens when we leave the salon ? What products do we choose ? What makes other brands better than others?  


Know your sources:

Sometimes bloggers get paid big bucks to endorse products they don't even believe in. So you must know who is giving you information and why. This is why stylists tell you what products to use because we have done the research and we understand the chemistry of hair! Once you are out in the drugstore it is up to you with no additional education what to put on your skin and hair ! Little do we realize this is a huge decision and can affect us and our results greatly. Especially when not used or mixed together correctly ! How did we forget that THIS IS SCIENCE PEOPLE!

Trust your professionals who can give you educated answers and when you want to be more informed always do your research !  

For consumers I have found a website called Skin Deep to be very accurate and informative  . They give you toxicity levels and guidelines to make an informed decision.

 When we realize scientifically speaking  that the food we ingest is considered "chemicals"/ "Drugs"; that just because it is natural does not mean it is for everyone; the better and more educated our decisions will be. 

Must Have Books:

Don't Go to The Cosmetics Counter Without me - Paula Begoun  

The Original Beauty Bible -Paula Begoun  

I love these two books because Paula breaks down everything you need to know about beauty products and their ingredients ! This is mostly for skin care and not hair but it will definitely give you insight into making more educated and informed decisions . 


I hope this helps you in finding products that work for you! When in doubt trust the professionals! 

Let us know how you make more educated decisions ? What sources and products do you use ?