The Art of Being Playful



We wanted to touch on playfulness today and how maintaining a playful spirit in salon can help you as a hair artist ...


Sometimes when working with stylists in salon we notice that the pressure of the work and pleasing clients takes away the spark to experiment behind the chair.


Lets be real... this spark is what makes each stylist unique and attracts a clientele that suits the stylist. Being playful and allowing stylists to see themselves as artists can create a whole new mindset and allow them to thrive not just survive.


Ways to Be Playful:


1. Clients

When doing anything creative for a career sometimes the "magic" can be lost. Do not allow yourself with your regulars to get in a routine. Use these clients as an chance to try new things. These can be the best clients to experiment on as they know your skill and will forgive little imperfections.


2. Money Talk

When we need this work to thrive financially sometimes we put so much pressure on nailing a look or being the best that the magic can be lost. Trust us clients can tell when that little spark is missing. So take a deep breath and remember that all things happen in time and with dedication. When you "do the work" and make a plan money will come.


3. Be yourself

Stop trying to fit into brands or ideas that aren't you. Try new things but allow yourself to put your own spin on the technique. Where would we be if  Vidal Sassoon kept cutting hair like everyone else!?


4. Use your Mannequin

Sometimes as we progress we do not take the time to experiment. Play with your mannequin as this allows the ultimate freedom to play. Allow yourself to get excited and use your down time for playfulness.


5. New Products

Most of us are product junkies so we get excited when new products arrive. Try to switch up your product choices and really be present when styling your client. What texture or feel does the product have ? How is this product different from others? Being objective and finding the little things like products in salon can get you excited and help you bring in more revenue without even thinking about money.


Being playful can mean different things for different artists.


What are you currently doing in salon to keep the "magic" flowing ?


Comment below ! We want to hear from you!