Color Correction

We were absolutely saddened when we saw this gals look that she paid over $200.00 for.

What went wrong ?  

This client didn’t give up on the stylist and went back a second time to allow the stylist to try again .  

Now this is where you can see the darker pink that almost looks purple. This stylist clearly didn’t want to admit this work was unacceptable and decided to take the easy way out and just tried to cover the work instead of fix it .

This is where can learn from each other’s mistakes.

As professionals we should take the time to critique ourselves and instead of rushing the process be sure to take time and work with integrity .

Dont be the stylist that allows work like this to leave the salon . Work hard and always look for ways to improve, take classes and develop a critical eye for your art work .


Before  (not our work )

Before  (not our work )

How we fixed it !

This client was on a budget and she had already paid what she wanted to spend on her hair .

So to minimize cost and maximize our results we decided to cover the root sections with a darker color to mask the root demarcation underneath, then proceed with a half head of baby lights to correct the areas that needed the most attention.

We explained to her that correcting hair is like painting a wall.

When we want to properly prep the wall we use primer to make it all one color and then proceed with the desired colours . This makes the color chosen vibrant and desirable.

If we didn’t prime the wall or remove the previous color we would still see the unwanted color underneath.  

In this case lightener is the primer with corrections and the fashion color is the paint. Once we explained what to expect the client agreed that to stay budget friendly we will approach the top and correct the rest  later when her finances were in order   .

She knew that hidden areas under the top section will not have a seamless fade out. By giving the client the painted wall analogy she understood that without a proper base to a color the longevity of the work will be comprised.

Just because we cannot see the demarcation does not mean it isn’t there or won’t show up later on !

After    Once the client understood all possible risks and outcomes we began to proceed with the color.     Sectioning   : 


Once the client understood all possible risks and outcomes we began to proceed with the color. 


We began by sectioning the hair and mapping out a diamond section on the top of the head starting the first point at her recession.

She seemed to have the most banding and demarcation in these areas . We picked out the areas that needed the most attention . We incased the babylights in foil.

Lightener Formula: Oligo professional extra blonde lightener mixed with oligo lightening cream equal parts 20 vol 

Bottom Sections : 

When the diamond section was complete while it processed we applied the darker bottom Colors.

Root Formula :  10g of Jam pulp riot , 15 g of   Velvet pulp riot , 5 g of Cupid pulp riot

Mid length to Ends Formula: 

10g of Cupid , pea size of Jam  

Once the bottom and top were completely processed (highlight pale yellow). We rinsed will cool water and shampooed the top section only .

 Top Section 

We blow dried the clients top section until dry and then applied the fashion colours listed below .

 Root Formula : 10g of Jam pulp riot , 5g of   Velvet pulp riot , 15 g of Cupid pulp riot

Mid-length to Ends Formula : 10g of Cupid 15g of light pink  

We allowed this to process for the full 45min. Once done rinsed with cool water applied conditioner and then styled ! 

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