How to Clean Your Hot Tools

Hello Lovelies , 

We recently posted an Instagram poll and realized over 80% of you do not know how to care for your tools at home!

We had to share some quick and simple tips to keep your hair tools in top notch shape below.



1. Wipe down tools often 

Be sure to wipe down your tools at least  once a month with a cotton swab and rubbing alcohol or tool cleanser to remove build up.

After cleansing with rubbing alcohol wipe clean with a dry cloth .


 2. Extreme build up ?

For extreme product buildup use a paste of rubbing alcohol and baking soda to help remove build up.


 3. Follow Manufacturers Directions

Every tool is different so please read manufacturers directions for cleaning and maintenance.


4. Ceramic Plates?

Clean your hot tool while the plates are warm. Be sure to unplug your hot tool and then dampen a washcloth with some rubbing alcohol, and wipe the plates or wand clean. The heat will make it easier to clean, so you’re not picking at buildup that has cooled and hardened.


5. Don’t forget about that blow dryer  

Keep your dryer free from debris as it will help with shorter blow dry time .

On the back of your dryer is the grate which can be removed and is where dust can accumulate.  Once the grate is removed you may clean with warm water and old tooth brush to remove the debris. If you do not remove this debris your blow dryer can overheat and compensate causing burnt hair! 


It’s really that simple ladies 🙌🏻