Mentorship With A Mindful Mission

Author Unknown  

Author Unknown  

So I've decided to dive in and make this blog post a little more personal.

Today I received a text from one of my clients urging me to watch a Soul Sunday Episode and may I  say I'm so glad I did. It made me realize that more people understand my heart then those who do not.

For a long time in my industry I felt misunderstood and so as anyone would I started to believe the negative things I would hear about myself. This urged me to branch out on my own,  to break free of the negative and limiting thought process I was accustomed too. Most of us go through moments of not feeling good enough, whether we tell ourselves this or others tell us it.  Seeing this first hand throughout my career and relationships I started to realize how much we forget to have compassion with and for one another.

In the beauty industry our ego can be a hard thing to overcome, but what I have realized is none of us get to where we are going without the help of another. When I realized how hard my heart was becoming due to the lack of compassion people around me had;  I knew things needed to change. I needed to change. I created my mentorship programs to create constructive dialogue with stylists to help them see themselves differently and to  accomplish their goals.

 I found many salons groom stylists to be more like them instead of allowing them to grow based on the individuals strengths and desires. My hope is to help lift others up as there is a place for all of us. I am passionate about helping others and guiding them to be the best that they can be.  I want anyone who has invested in their education with me to feel powerful in their strengths and not ashamed of their weaknesses. To know that when things get tough they have a foundation to rely on and to help them to continue to grow.

I thought I would share this episode with you to help you better understand the internal dialogue and purpose I had while creating my mentorship programs. My mission is to create a more conscious beauty community with more compassion and guidance to those who need it. I urge you to click the link below and watch how the CEO of LinkedIn shares our belief of a more compassionate workplace.