Hair colour during pregnancy

Every woman when starting a family wonders about this controversial topic. I'm here to shed light on colouring your hair during pregnancy and help put you at ease no matter what you decide to do.  

Hair by Monique  

Hair by Monique  

Colouring your hair during pregnancy is something that each individual needs to decide for themselves with some clear facts given. Every woman wants to feel beautiful during this time when our bodies and hormones are changing(which can sometimes feel nearly impossible). However there can be an upside for some women as they have beautiful hair during pregnancy. This doesn't mean you should skip visits to the salon because as we know after giving birth our hair and hormones change again. Whether you decide to colour or not regular maintaince is key. Your stylist will be able to help you maintain and address any issues you have with your hair during your appointment. I believe knowledge is power, so always talk to your salon professional about ways to help your hair whatever your concern may be. Some things to think about while pregnant and wanting to colour your hair :


1.  Can hair colour affect the fetus(baby)?

There has been no evidence that hair colour can affect the fetus. Most doctors recommend waiting until the 2nd trimester just to be on the safe side. Most mothers wait so that they have piece of mind during pregnancy.  This doesn't  mean that mothers who don't wait are harming their babies. I always tell mothers to do what is best for them. Science basically suggests that the fumes are the worst part of the colouring process; however if you are in a well ventilated area there isn't much to worry about. Colour is made up of peroxide, ammonia, and pigment (to keep it simple). The molecules from pigment are too large to enter the blood stream. When mixed with ammonia and peroxide everything harmful evaporates leaving essentially a paste on the skin. The person most at risk is the one doing your hair since they are standing above you during the oxidation process(directly inhaling the fumes). Usually the major concern is what is being absorbed by the skin as that can dramatically affect a fetus. As we know the active ingredients evaporate leaving very little concern. So if you stay in a well ventilated area and ensure your scalp is free of abrasions all should be well since very little is actually absorbed by the skin into the blood stream.  


 Should I be using all natural products ?  

This is also an individual choice but choosing a natural alternative limits possible risk (not yet proven) and harmful fumes . So if it's available to you give it a try. At Vocare hair we decided to use a natural and ammonia free product called O&M that is just as effective as other colour formulas. We know that depending on each person, body chemistry, and lifestyle preferences your choices will be different . We have an array of products to cater to each client based on their needs. Many salons also have this policy as not one product will suit all people. Pregnancy makes us much more conscious of what goes on and in our bodies. Choosing a natural and ammonia free product limits allergic reactions and harmful fumes from the equation. To learn more about what makes up hair colour and the natural alternatives refer to our blog about why we use O&M. 


Can I use henna as a natural alternative ?  

I would steer clear of henna. As we know henna has a distinct brown colour when applied to the skin. For hair it is much different. To change hair colour metallic salts are added to create your desired red, or orange tones. The metallic salts such as lead acetate and lead sulfide create a compound henna which can be harmful and later react with hair colour when you decide to go back to your stylist. It can be hard to know what your henna contains as some do not have proper labelling. Compound henna or not I would steer clear! If you have already used henna a test strand will be needed to make sure a future colouring service is successful . Do not hide this from your hair dresser as compound henna when lightened can turn an array of colours and even cause hair to melt and bubble. So when deciding on a colour Please do not choose henna unless you will be a "henna" only user.  

  If colour is safe can I use box colour? 

The short answer for this one is no. While pregnant you want to ensure you use professonal products as we know exactly what this product contains and we can tailor it to your hair needs. With box colour the chemicals inside are harsh and can create stronger more harmful fumes. We also know there is no guarantee with box colour so if a colour correction is needed you will be exposed to these fumes more then we would like. Limit how often you colour and see a professional to be safe!

 Does my hair change during pregnancy? 

Hair can change depending on many factors . Pregnancy and medication can greatly effect the hair and cause interesting colour outcomes. This is another reason I always suggest seeing a professional and doing a test strand. We are well equipped to shift and adjust to help you get your desired look. Please be patient and understand that now that your body is changing your hair colour may too! Aside from colouring your hair your hair texture can change or become more dry and brittle during this time. Use you hair appointments to learn how to deal with your possible hair challenges. We can help by recommending product and proper maintenance during that time.

 Are their alternatives to an all over colour ?  

Of course ! There are many techniques we use depending on your desired look when colouring hair. You can highlight without even touching your scalp. Any colour applied after is very gentle and shouldn't be a concern. Highlighting is a great way to utilize your natural root colour to create a different look that will have a seamless grow out. A seamless grow out is very helpful between finding time for you and your new baby and may be worth trying. There are so many options for your hair with colour. Always try to be open with your stylist and discuss all options to suit you and your lifestyle whether it's highlighting or not! 

A quick break down of things discussed : 

  1. No abrasions on scalp! This will minimize what enters the blood stream and minimizes any potential reactions and discomfort.
  2. Space out your hair appointments . Doing this doesn't need to be painful . Discuss some low maintenance  options that minimize your exposure during pregnancy 
  3. Well ventilated areas only !
  4. Always do  a test strand before your first appointment when pregnant (if possible). This will help the stylist see how your hormones are effecting the chemical process during coloring.

We hope this blog was informative and allows you to feel empowered abour making the right decision for you. If you are expecting congratulations and we wish you all the best in this new journey. If you have any questions please contact us!