How to Get the Most Out of Your Hair Trial

Up-do by Monique  

Up-do by Monique  

It is the season of Grad, Weddings, and Outdoor Photo-shoots.  I have so many clients un-sure of what to expect when booking a trial run before their event day ! There are many reasons why this step is important. I have outlined below some tips for you to consider ! 

 1. Book your trial at least 1-2 months in advance 

 This allows you to have a clear vision of what to expect on your big day. No one likes surprises and this helps ensure you know exactly what to expect. I usually do not recommend booking over 5 to 6 months earlier then your desired date as then you can forget what style you truly loved or change your mind several times before hand. This can potentially also confuse your stylist. 2-months in advance is still enough time to lock down the desired stylist for your day so no need to stress. However each stylist's schedule can be different so try to work out a plan that best suites both of you and do your research around the 5-month mark (just to be safe). 

2. Bring 2-3 images of your desired style  

Pictures are an amazing tool when expectations are reasonable. It allows for more open and honest dialogue. I love seeing images of up-styles clients pick as it gives a very clear depiction of what they hope to look like . Let your stylist suggest hair pieces , extensions or alternatives that will suite your hair type. A lot of up-styles have hair added to them to create fullness and length. This is where expectations need to be realistic. If you need to make adjustments try to be open so that the stylist can help you look your very best. The most important part of this is the honest dialogue .  We cannot read your mind so ensure you are clear and that your vision is strong . The more clear your vision is the more able you will be to discuss all options. Also ensure you are with a stylist who is willing to experiment with you to help your desired look become a reality. Any creative project includes both parties equal input. Find someone who can listen as much as they suggest . This way you will feel heard and will be able to create a plan that you feel both of you understand . Building a great relationship with your stylist will make you a team ;and that is exactly what you need to feel taken care of and at ease. Pictures of styles can help with all areas of this process greatly and helps break the ice to conversation during the trial.

3. Come alone or bring 1 person with you (max)

Make sure if you bring a friend or loved one with you that this person is trust worthy and knows how to communicate well with others . Please keep in mind having a great gal with you can be fun and an asset, but it can also be a hindrance on the experience with your stylist. You have limited time with your stylist to communicate exactly what you want, to build trust, and understanding ! Nothing makes this harder then when you have someone interrupting , not listening, or distracting the bride/grad onto other topics in relation to the big day.  Always keep in mind that in order to deliver and execute  great service the client needs to be involved/present as much as the stylist. Input from your friends and family is important, so consider scheduling a night out after to show off your hair/chosen style. This way you can see their genuine reactions and also see how the style wears through out the evening. This gives you a great idea of what it will feel and be like on your special day. You can also then give some constructive criticism to your stylist as well if need be. 

4. Take photographs

I love to try at least 2-3 variations of a style to see what the bride loves the most; because as we know options are important. This is a great tool to utilize to help you look back on and make sure you are happy with your choices/chosen style . It can be tricky to remember so dont hesitate to take a photo to help with keeping your options in order. It also leaves a visual to see what adjustments need to be made in the future . If your stylist is close to your desired look but your not completely sold give the stylist a second chance . I mean how many dresses did you have to try before finding to right one? I believe it can be the same with hair. Sometimes we need to try on a couple styles or styles we never thought of to find "the look".

5. Make sure the stylist books enough time to try multiple looks

As I stated above you need to take the time with your stylist to ensure you have the desired look. Don't rush the process it's important at this time to discuss all options. Try some of both parties suggestions and see how you feel. When you see the style on you, you understand more clearly your likes and dislikes. It really disappoints me when clients tell me a stylist said no or didn't even bother to try some sugessted looks . My opinion is a guide however your happiness is and should be our goal. You need to find a stylist that makes you their priority and takes the time to explain or show why something may not be for you. A stylist who does this shows they are confident, educated and will most likely do as much as they can to not let you down for your big day. To me having a team feeling to the trial approach is a must so trying as many looks as possible is a great way to build a solid look and relationship ! 

6. Bring all accessories !  

This is important so that you can choose a style that works with the accessory chosen. Whether it's beads or a veil accessories can make or break the whole look and approach  to create a desired style. Be as prepared as possible with your accessories. If you find an accessory after your trial bring it in or confirm with the stylist that this will still work with the style chosen. No surprises leaves a smooth and efficient approach the day of . Believe it or not some stylists even practice your style before your big day so they can make it even better then your trial!  So please don't leave any details like accessories out !

7. Create a Timeline for your big day

Discuss what time you need to have your hair and makeup complete so that your stylist can let you know what time you should start .  If your stylist is able to come to you this can always ease the stress of travel. If not allow plenty of time for travel! Allow hair and makeup to coordinate themselves accordingly between you and your party. Hair and makeup can work together when at your location by rotating between you and your party to ensure an efficient and pampering time for everyone! Discuss all options and see what is available to you and be open to suggestions. Like I said team work on this day is important find a stylist willing to work around a schedule that will prevent any unnesssary stress.

8. Come with dirty hair !  

This is an important step that gets forgotten! Please don't worry about what your stylist may think. At least 24-hr dirty hair is amazing for holding curl and helping your style last. If you come with clean hair it can be too slippery to pin and curl will fall much too quickly. To achieve the best results please come with "dirty" Hair.

9. Try to have fun !  

We all want to feel and look our best so don't forget to have fun and enjoy the journey! Events can be stressful but make sure your team of people are reliable, efficient, and positive ! Don't be too serious , learn to laugh and enjoy the pampering . If all else fails at least you will have some great stories to tell.

Up-style by Monique  

Up-style by Monique  

We hope our tips were helpful and informative. If you have any questions or would like to book with us on your special day please refer to our website