How to maintain that Beautiful Blonde

Colour by Monique  

Colour by Monique  

Those of us who lighten for the summer always want that pure, beautiful blonde. As we know these blondes take time and maintenance to keep them looking fresh and healthy. Believe it or not it is your stylists job to help you keep it looking this way as long as possible and this is where treatment plans and products come into play (at home care is essential like it or not to continuous hair perfection)

I know you don't want your blonde looking like the photo below after 8-10 weeks . Therefore I have outlined steps and products to use to keep the yellow hair monster away from your beautiful blonde at home! 

With proper at home maintence you can minimize this yellow from becoming so promenient

With proper at home maintence you can minimize this yellow from becoming so promenient

Why does this happen to blonde hair!? 

Blonde hair is lighter and more porous.  If the hair is very porous this means it accepts a lot of water or colour and quickly lets it go which explains why toners on blonde hair tend to wash out very quickly. When porous the hair can absorb unwanted tones such as yellow from minerals, green from copper pipes or chlorine; instead of keeping in the wanted tone. If your hair is healthy the cuticles create a barrier locking in nessesary moisture and wanted tones instead of quickly releasing it.

 Water quality can effect the hair dramatically and can interact causing even extreme colour changes such as pink ! So please try and take steps to ensure that you have good water quality at home ! There are even filtration systems that can attach to your shower head so if no matter how hard you try your still seeing yellow it may help to add this additional helper to your shower routine .

What are products I can add to my arsenal to help minimize yellow? 

This is where things can become a little more complex so below I will outline all the nessasary products that I keep on hand for all hair types to prevent fading and colour changes!

Olaplex  3 step system 

If you are one of my clients you know that I LOVE this product. Not only is it effective but it also smells great too! The reason you need this is as we know blondes can be dry, brittle , and have some damage. This product repairs damage from the inside out without keratin and can be used while toning and lifting the hair creating soft and protected locks. This in salon treatment needs to be maintained at home to help add additional benefits and maximize the results seen. You cannot expect to see lasting results without having a great and lasting hair routine. As we know healthy hair is beautiful hair and ensuring it is healthy can help your current and future results. Psst ! It can even help your toner stay much longer as well! Hands down this is a treatment line to stick with and use once a week.

Purple Shampoo and Conditioner 

This combo in the shower can take place of a toner. When used together it can diminish unwanted yellow! This combo should be alternated with a colour safe shampoo and conditioner . However if your very light(white) you may want to only use the purple combo. I recommend starting with conditioner if your seeing results continue to use whenever you feel you need it. If you need more power introduce the purple shampoo for extra purple power and leave in the hair for up to a minitue. Some people love them together and others use one or the other . If your hair is really yellow you can put purple conditioner on dry or slightly damp hair to allow more purple to deposit into the hair. I encourage clients to play around and see what works best for them.  The nice thing is if it goes to purple in a couple shampoos you will see it diminish . So do not worry it is not permanent!

 Clarifying Shampoo 

This is nessasary for people who live in areas where minerals in the water are high or for those who get yellow no matter what ! Use this to lift out yellow caused by product build-up, minerals, lake water and chlorine. Use this before applying a purple conditioner. This will help open the hair cuticle making it more receptive to depositing the purple tone while also deeply cleansing the hair. This is only to be used when nessesary as it can be drying . 

Leave-In Conditioner

There are many great leave-ins my favourites are Unique one or Redken all in one ! They are light, low alcohol content so it doesn't dry the hair out and they also giveyou UV/heat protection which is essential to lasting colour ! Not only can water discolour the hair but sun can too ! Just like your skin it needs protection from the sun. Using a leave-in in the summer is like sun screen for the hair! Apply to damp hair and blow dry in . Some even have purple pigment in them just in case you  feel you need that extra power to remove yellow from the hair ! 

 Heat protection spray 

This is nessasary to apply to dry hair before heat styling ! It protects the hair from burning and losing moisture. When the hair is burned or dry it can yellow as well. I recommend Heat protection spray from label M or Damage manager from Kevin Murphy for light and effective protection. If you see smoke coming from your irons and you don't have a product in your hair you are burning out the moisture in your hair. Instead of losing moisture make sure it's emitting off the residue of your heat protector instead.  

So that's all Folks the nessasary products for healthy blonde and vibrant hair!

Hair by Monique  

Hair by Monique  

Questions? Don't hesitate to email us directly for all your hair needs! 

Hair by Monique  

Hair by Monique