"Hair Elastics" Think before you tie

Did you know that traditional hair Elastics can be a contributing factor to hair dryness, split ends, ad breakage !  Thank goodness more of us are catching on and there are hair ties that can be used to prevent and minimize damage to the hair. Below are some pointers and products we carry to help you with your healthy hair goals !

Why do the common Elastics hurt your lushes locks  ?

  1. They allow you to tie your hair too tight causing pressure points that can cause breakage
  2. The ones with metal fasteners can pull the hair out and snag. Ouch! 
  3. They are not wide enough to evenly distribute pressure which can cause indentation and if tied in the same place enough will cause breakage  

What products can I use to help?

  • Invisibobble 


This product helps address the issues of indentation and breakage with not creating pressure points on the hair. It allows you to tie the hair back without allowing you to tie it so tightly creating a safe guard for you and your hair. There is also no metal which means no snagging ! YAY! Invisibobble's are made with polyurethane plastic so when your elastic stretches too much there is no need to rush and buy a new one . Just place it in hot water and the polyurethane product will shrink! Polyurethane does not absorb dirt or bacteria and can be easily cleaned making it great for children or those with allergies. If you need more FAQS here's a link to their website http://www.invisibobble.com/faq/

  • Knotties 

These hair ties are wide and have a variety of great patterns to boot ! These also prevent pressure points minimizing damage and pressure on the hair . 

What are other ways to prevent breakage from hair ties? 

  • Don't pull your hair back so tightly !  Doing so puts  an extreme amount of pressure on the hairline, which is very sensitive. In fact, if you wear your hair super-tight and pulled back day-to-day, it can damage hair follicles to the point that they fall out, leading to a permanent receding hairline and headaches.
  •  Try not to wear your hair up to bed that can cause stress on the hair as you roll, toss and turn in your sleep. If you are concerned about keeping your hair in place you may use a silk scarf or pillow case to reduce friction! It also helps to prevent dryness of the hair as silk does not suck out the moisture like cotton pillow cases do ! 
  •   Be gentle when the hair is wet !  We love using a leave in conditioner and the wet brush  to help get out tangles without pulling to hard which can also cause breakage! When hair is wet it can stretch double its size 50% as opposed to dry hair which is only 20%. If your hair is compromised it can stretch to the point of no return leading to breakage !
  • Don't style the same way eveytime. If you put pressure repeatedly over the same area it can cause the hair to weaken the same way a hot tool can harm the hair if used over and over in the same area. Try a low pony tail or use large claw clips to pull the hair back and out of your face.
At Vocare we inspire through mentorship and create from experience. We hope this segment helped educate you on your journey towards healthy and beautiful hair. 

At Vocare we inspire through mentorship and create from experience. We hope this segment helped educate you on your journey towards healthy and beautiful hair.