Our Mission

"Why fit in when you were born to stand out " - Dr. Seuss 

So I thought I would kick off my blog starting with why I wanted to branch out on my own. People may think because I'm now working for myself I think my ideas are superior, that I'm wanting to compete with neighbouring businesses, or that I don't have what it takes to be within another business. As we all know in our hearts it is much deeper and more real than that.

I don't believe I'm better than anyone else, or that I'm somehow superior to another business, however I do believe I have to do something with purpose, vision, and passion. We all have a greater purpose beyond just showing up to work and making money. I've found mine with mentor-ship, education and community.

The more I worked for others the more I realized I had something different to offer; a passion to work with integrity and lead people to a new way of thinking.

I noticed a lot of successful people or happy people let go of things they can't change and embarked on the things they could. This inspired me to log a journal of all the things I didn't like within my industry. I decided to use this journal as a tool to take action to change it. One of my big ideas became Vocare Hair Studio.

A lot of people within the beauty industry today have it right however the small amount I encountered had it in my opinion all wrong. This made my eyes open as to what I wanted and who I wanted to  become. I want my place of work to empower others , allow others to have value, purpose and to help them see things that they may not see on their own. All of this sounds pretty simple right !? That's what I thought, but I've noticed this simplicity and thinking that people matter does often fall to the way side. I believe this mission is beyond me and has a greater purpose of bettering an industry. Talking to many talented stylists that end up quitting before they start saddens me and I feel it could be prevented if we focused less on ourselves and more on mentorship. I want to help change this for others even if their mission does not always directly benefit me in a worldly sense.

As a person with integrity you always want to see future generations have more ,worry less, and you want to see a progression in people that is for a greater good. This is what I hope to see in the people's lives(and hair)that I am lucky enough to touch.

Being a new business owner I now look at my purchases in a new light. I want to see more of and support more mission based businesses within my community. Many have big ideas and it excites me to have my purchases come from companies with purpose and passion. I believe each business has a special piece of the community and can utilize their wonderful network for positivity and change. 

I am so grateful for the amount of people who have supported me and continue to help me, my mission and my business grow.  Thank you and I am excited to learn, grow, and embark on this new journey with you!


 "Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become" -Steve Jobs