Never Leave the Salon Disappointed Again!

Always leave the hair salon feeling disappointed in the result ? Here are some helpful tips to prevent feeling unsure or disappointed.  

Hair by Monique  

Hair by Monique  

1. Have a clear vision before your appointment.

It's always important to trust the professional you see however always letting them tell you what you want can leave you disappointed. Yes we know best however it is important for them to know your preferences..You need to be involved in the decision making that way you understand all of your options and feel confident in the end result. 

 2. Bring visuals  

We love photos! They are the best way to describe a desired look. It can be hard when looking at photos to know what is realistic for your hair type, but it can be a great tool to point your stylist in the right direction in making your dream hair a reality. Never expect to have your hair look like the photo but instead use the photo as a tool to show ideas or certain aspects you love. Then you can come up with a plan to help get your hair as close as possible to the photo with your stylist.  

3. Make the time for your desired look

Always show up on time. Yes we know your stylist may not always be on time but in most cases it is due to another client being late or unforeseen complications due to a clients hair history! We respect your time however certain hair appointments may take more than three hours when colour is involved! Rushing can ruin hair integrity therefore leaving you disappointed in the end result.  We ask that you give time for your stylist to transform your look. If you are unsure or booking other appointments for that day double check how long it may take or warn your stylist that you only have so much time allotted for this appointment. Then they can let you know what they can achieve within that time frame.

4. Keep it realistic  

Always listen to your stylists recommendations and be honest about your hair history. If you have black box coloured hair it is unrealistic to have blonde in one session. Make hair goals with your stylist and ask them how many sessions it will take to get your desired result. 

5. Stick to your goals

It can be hard to grow out a new style or feel like change isn't happening fast enough. However if you see it through you will have a better idea of the style you desire and slight adjustments you may need for it to suit your lifestyle. Try not to be fickle about big transformations as changing your hair every appointment can reek havoc on your hair and may be the reason why you can't seem to get your colour just right.

6. Give constructive criticism  

Unhappy with what you see ? Be sure to politely let your stylist know! Many times all it takes is a slight adjustment to make you happy . If it may take more time you can then discuss the options and pre-book to have it adjusted to your liking at another time.

7. Make your budget clear

Most stylists are willing to work with you on a budget. There are many options to get a desired look and if you are open to suggestions you may be able to keep your hair costs down! If what you want isn't possible within your budget don't worry; it will help you know how much you should save for your next visit. 

8.  Learn when to reevaluate your hair wants and needs  

Some hair types will never be able to safely be platinum blonde. I don't ever like to say I won't try something however there does come a point where it isn't worth compromising the hair to get a desired colour. Most colours are possible over time with treatments and proper at home care.

9. Be willing to put in a little time at home 

At home care is what you do day to day ! It is the most important part of the salon visit. So when your stylists suggests products listen! It can save your hair and keep your investment looking better longer ! Create new habits and routines based on your stylists suggestions and you will see a difference in how your hair styles and overall health. If you want a certain colour or haircut be sure to keep up with the at home care. If you are unsure about your at home practices do not be afraid to ask for help. Many stylists love teaching moments with clients, and it also allows you to feel more at ease hearing the wealth of knowledge you never knew your stylist had. 

10.   Learn to trust and when to practice patience 

Trust is the foundation of all relationships. Be sure to find a stylist that is confident and one that you feel you can talk to. Sometimes we need our hairstylist to be honest and talk us off a ledge or encourage us to take a leap in a new direction. A great relationship with your stylist will make appointments more enjoyable; as you can sit at ease knowing they are working with great skill and integrity!

We hope this helps you in finding a wonderful new style ! Please leave comments below if you have anything else to add or questions . We would love to hear from you !