Miracle Makeover


As most of you know we wanted to spread some holiday magic by giving  someone within our community the gift of a makeover.

We hand picked a candidate that we felt would really benefit from this gift . It was so difficult to choose just one. There was one particular email we just couldn't put down and so we knew that this was our gal! 

We were so excited to spend some time with our Miracle Makeover winner and her daughter. When they arrived she expected the Makeover however she did not expect all the gifts that we were able to collect for her from other local businesses.

They hardly fit at my station !  

They hardly fit at my station !  

We really enjoyed giving this gift and we couldn't be happier to share this Makeover with you ! We took her hair from a bland box colour and made her hair look as beautiful as she is. 





We recieved a wonderful message from her and  thought we would share her gratitude with you. 

Hi Monique, 

Thank you so much for my miracle Makeover. I haven't had my hair done properly in so long , and never had such beautiful colouring done. All the amazing gifts from yourself and the sponsors blew me away. I can't believe how loving and generous you all were. Once again, thank you so much. You and the sponsors definitely helped me feel some holiday magic. 

Lots of love  

We feel so lucky to be able to use our talents to bring so much love and joy to others this holiday season! A huge thank you again to all of the sponsors who helped make this miracle even more magical! 

Mint + Maple

Eko Styles & OxySpa


Change My Life Coaching

Pho Hoai Okotoks

Motion Fitness - Okotoks

Eager Hands - by Corinne. Handmade Coconut Oil & Honey Soap.

Epicurean Cucina

Twenty Two Collective

Freshii Okotoks

Bumble Bee Baskets