Damaged Hair?


There are many ways hair can become damaged. It is a combination of many factors and is not always caused by salon visits.

Whatever the history of your hair there are many ways to repair damage without cutting it all off. ...I know thank goodness ! 

As we know healthy hair is the most beautiful, but it does take team work and a plan to bring damaged hair back to life. You cannot expect amazing results unless you do the work at home. What you do 90% of the time will determine your results. It is the combination of at home care and salon visits that will help transform your hair into the desired look and health! 

Below we have outlined some steps towards healthier hair!

1. Know and understand the different types of Damage

When you understand how damage is created then you can better understand the steps to prevent it.  

Physical Damage:

Did you know that physical damage is the most common and has the most drastic effect on the hair ? This type of damage is caused by brushing too hard on wet hair, curling, straightening, playing with , and styling your hair. This damage can be prevented by using proper tools and products like a wet brush, invisibobbles, leave in conditioner and heat protectants.

Environmental Damage: 

This includes water, minerals from water, sun, wind, air temperature and humidity. Depending on the environment you live in your concerns will be different. This is why we recommend clarifying shampoos, PH balanced shampoos, water softener, and any leave in product with UV protection.  


This type of damage is caused by box  and professional colour. When seeing a professional we can minimize this type of damage with the products we use. This is very controlled and not always the leading contributor to the damage present on most hair types. We now have products like Olaplex referred to as bond builders to rebuild and add strength to your hair during the chemical process. If your stylist carries these options we reccomend using these great treatments to help repair and prevent any damage. 


2. Stay consistent with salon visits  

Now that you understand the types of damage you can probably see the benefit of visiting your stylist. When we know your routine we can create a plan to help nourish your hair at home and in salon. Regular hair cuts will also minimize damage and are necessary every 8-10 weeks. At Vocare we offer complimentary spilt end trims in between visits to help minimize further damage. This great technique rids you of your split ends without having to cut off any length! This time also allows us to check in and ensure you are keeping up with a routine that will help you achieve all of your hair goals! 

3. Olaplex all the way ! 

As you know we love Olaplex ! Olaplex is an amazing reparative treatment that is great for all hair types. It can be used alone or with any salon service and can be tailored to your needs. It is a must for those with dry or damaged hair and is a great addition for those who want extra shine and moisture. We can only do so much in one visit therefore for amazing results you can schedule the treatment in salon before and after any chemical service to offer more strength and integrity to the hair. This treatment isn't keratin based so you cannot overdue it and it will not cause the hair to be brittle. The more you use it the better the results will  be. To maintain what is achieved in the salon the Olaplex No.3 is taken home to help see lasting results and add the needed moisture to hair that is damaged. 

4. At home care. Your must have products! 

For hair that is damaged or to maintain beautiful hair here is a list of must have products that we recommend.  

  • Reparative Shampoo and Conditioner 
  • Olaplex No.3 treament used once a week or every two weeks
  • Leave in Conditioner  
  • Heat Protectant spray that is applied on dry hair before hot styling  
  • Proper comb or wet brush that prevents you tugging on tangled hair  
  • Hair ties or clips to prevent stress on hair and breakage from tying hair too tightly
  • light oil that you can apply throughout the day as needed to help create slip in the hair. It can help prevent environmental damage, damage from friction on clothes and damage caused by tangling. 


5. Split ends 

You cannot let these go to long without cutting them off. This is why maintaining salon visits is so important. If you let your split ends go to long they will split the hair strand in two; causing damage and fuzzy looking hair.


6. Natural Remedies

Natural remedies have their place but so does science. Many natural products help with dryness however they are topical products that only offer temporary and short lasting results. Topical products have molecules that are too large to penetrate the hair to actually offer strength and moisture where the damage actually occurs. This is why treatments like Olaplex are revolutionary and are now used in almost every salon. Science based technology creates molecules that can enter the cortex of the hair repairing damage where is happens and offering long lasting moisture. 

7. Supplements  

Whenever clients want to introduce supplements we always ask that they consult their doctor or naturopath before hand . Supplements are amazing when your body is lacking the nutrients needed to produce healthy hair. They can also be prescribed for the prevention of hair loss. A healthy individual following all the other steps should see results and not need additional help. Our bodies are an intricate network of systems and many factors can cause the need for supplements. Supplementation should always be monitored and research should always be done before introducing it to your diet. 


We hope touching on this topic has helped you . For any additional questions please email us !