Bridal Hair Do’s and Don’ts

We put together some of our best tips to help brides ensure that they look and feel amazing on their special day .   

We put together some of our best tips to help brides ensure that they look and feel amazing on their special day .



Not every bride will pick their current stylist to do their wedding hair. There are so many factors that go into picking the right stylist such as travel , how big your bridal party is , and preferred style. Don’t be afraid to line up more then one trial with the same or multiple stylists . 

Be choosey and be sure you LOVE your desired look. 


Don’t plan too far ahead . Your style can change a lot in a year and some brides want to change their style last minute. This can lead to confusion with your stylist or a very unhappy bride . Pick your look and be prepared to stick to it . Of course minor adjustments can be made but the more indecisive you are the more likely problems will occur.

We see this far too often. Brides want a certain look therefore we take a fine tooth comb to ensure perfection and then they Proceed to start tucking the perfectly placed hair behind their ear 😬  &$WTF &@   This may not bother you as a bride but it sure does drive us stylists and photographers crazy ! So please asses how you wear your hair daily , can you resist the urge ? What do you feel most beautiful in without causing a fuss throughout the day ?

We see this far too often. Brides want a certain look therefore we take a fine tooth comb to ensure perfection and then they Proceed to start tucking the perfectly placed hair behind their ear 😬

&$WTF &@ 

This may not bother you as a bride but it sure does drive us stylists and photographers crazy ! So please asses how you wear your hair daily , can you resist the urge ? What do you feel most beautiful in without causing a fuss throughout the day ?


Pinterest photos are amazing references but don’t fixate on them as they are just that ...a starting point.

Your stylist will help guide you to create a unique style just for you while providing the overall feel of the photo. Remember Hair is an artistry and every artist will have a different approach so allow them to help you find a style that is glamorous without all the fuss of a Pinterest photo.


Bridal hair doesn’t have to be boring or traditional. Push yourself to think of a unique accessory or accent piece that could really set off a simple look !




We love the idea of you feeling like a princess but if ultra-glam isnt your style you can begin to look like your going to prom instead of marrying the love of your life .   Instead of a tiara look for a elegant headband! The flatter a piece lays the more jewels you can add without feeling like your playing dress up !       

We love the idea of you feeling like a princess but if ultra-glam isnt your style you can begin to look like your going to prom instead of marrying the love of your life . 

Instead of a tiara look for a elegant headband! The flatter a piece lays the more jewels you can add without feeling like your playing dress up ! 




Want to change up your look before the reception ? This should be planned ahead !

It takes a special touch to add or take away a piece to your styled look. If you aren’t prepared or don’t have the right set of hands you can end up ruining your desired look !

Dont risk it....  Be sure to consult your stylist about any desired changes, we will guide you to make this easy and have you looking great  !

Dont risk it....

Be sure to consult your stylist about any desired changes, we will guide you to make this easy and have you looking great  !

Want help but don’t want to pay the extra coin to have your stylist stay ?

Bring your MOF with you to your trial this way she can practice with your stylist the application and removal ! 

This will help you feel confident in your look and the ladies helping you on your special day without any extra stress.

 Are yo a visual person ?’

Here are some amazing pictures to help you envision some of our do’s and don’ts 


Product of the Month Silke London


We are so excited to have these gorgeous hair wraps in ! 

They have been a huge help to keep our hair healthy, frizz free, and easy to manage.   

 Why Silke London is your New Best Friend 

Each and every night, we toss and turn against abrasive bed linen which aggravates our hair cuticles and causes them to break. This severe nightly friction is the cause of breakages, thinner hair, frizz, bed head and split ends – standing between us and glorious hair days.

Inspired by the time tested tradition of wrapping hair, SILKE London developed this ultra-chic, ultra-comfortable 100% silk hair wrap for all women, of all hair types, to protect your precious locks against this nightly damage; strengthening, lengthening, thickening and permanently transforming your tresses ... all while you sleep.

No More Frizz, Split Ends , or Breakage

Worn nightly, hair cuticles glide smoothly against the 100% silk cocoon, eliminating the friction that causes frizz, breakages and split ends.

Promotes Growth  

New and existing hair is provided with the best environment to grow, protected throughout the Anagen (growing) phase from the abrasive friction that inhibits growth. The result; stronger, thicker, longer locks.

Maintain your Style Longer ! 

Your hairstyle is preserved overnight, minimising damage caused by heated hair tools from repetitive restyling and saving you time in the morning. 


Wash your Hair Less

Hair is cocooned, encouraging your natural oils to spread evenly from root to tip. You no longer have to worry about dry brittle ends and oils are no longer concentrated at the roots – so greasy hair days are few and far between.

Natural Overnight Conditioning

Your natural oils, the best possible food for your hair, are distributed along the entire hair shaft and throughout all of your mane, acting as a naturally nourishing conditioning treatment as you sleep.


 Amazing Protection for Extensions 

The SILKE Hair Wrap will not only reduce damage at your roots from aggressive nightly tension and tugging but will also stop your extended locks becoming tangled and matted, to keep them looking their best, for longer.

High Quality and Fashion Forward

Silke London has spent over two years and 30 prototypes in development to ensure the perfect fit, weight, elasticity and style of The SILKE Hair Wrap is chic, comfortable and most importantly snug enough to stay on all through the night.

From Marc Jacobs to Christian Dior, their hair wrap designers have created for some of the greatest names in fashion. Inspired by the traditional hair wrapping styles of women across the world and through history, Hollywood glamour muses and the timeless turban, they came up with their iconic SILKE Hair Wrap style.


One Size Fits All

The one size has been created for all hair types, discreetly elasticated within the silk around the head band to shrink and expand to fit all head sizes and with enough material in its depth to cover short to long and fine to thick hair. 

Better Than a Pillow Case

While silk pillowcases are amazing for your skin when it comes to hair they simply do not make the cut when compared to SILKE London Hair Wraps .

These wraps are specifically designed for hair, holding the hair close to the scalp to allow your natural oils to moisturize and protect your locks.


Wide Range of Colour  

These wraps come in a wide variety of colours and can not only be worn to bed, but to the beach or outdoors to protect your hair from the elements. We can’t think of a place we wouldn’t want to wear these beautiful caps ! Want to be bold or soft and delicate? Don’t worry we have a wrap for that !

Care Instructions  

We reccommend only wearing your cap with dry hair ! Wet hair can ruin the protective properties of this amazing silk and can also stain these beautiful caps. 

To be safe wear with dry hair and to wash please Dry Clean Only  !

 Want one now !? 

Get yours before they are all gone by clicking "shop our products" below

Miracle Makeover 2017


We loved giving the gift of a makeover during the holiday season  so much that we decided to make our Miracle Makeover an annual event !

This year we had the pleasure of treating an amazing woman, mother , and sole provider of her household to a unique makeover experience. 

She like many women often forgot to take some needed time for herself and a gracious friend noticed and nominated her.

We couldn’t help but choose someone with a heart of gold that could use some self-care time. She has an amazing natural hair texture to work with so we couldn’t wait to update her look and see the finished result!



We utilized her highlights that were already present to create dimension that would be manageable and low maintenance.

We really wanted to help tame the mane and condition her hair with Olaplex to add some much needed moisture and shine to the hair.

This added life and back to her curl which made  it easy to shape and reduce bulk to give her a more manageable wash and wear look.

Here is the finished look with a boho up style to top off her new look ! 




This year we had the pleasure of adding on an additional service !

A makeup application was generously donated by Love and Colour.

Doesn’t she just look so radiant !?  

Makeup application by Love and Colour  

Makeup application by Love and Colour  

As always there are many people who also donated beautiful gifts to make this miracle makeover a little more special ! 

Thank you again to all the local businesses listed below who donated to help make this giveaway so much more impactful!

 Pho Hoai Okotoks

Thelma & Thistle

Twenty Two Collective


Sector 6 Supplements

Southern Comfort Flooring

Deava Beadz

Rhoda's Elegance Again Okotoks Ladies Consignment

Temper & Lace

Hometown Dental

Mint + Maple


Lineham House Galleries

Stay tuned for next year ladies and gents ! We can’t wait to continue to add more value to our wonderful community and surrounding areas .

Grow Baby Grow - Month Two

We are very excited to be sharing our growth goals and results with everyone !

If you haven’t read Month one you should get on it because these tips seriously work ladies! 

On our second month we maintained our routine exactly as stated in Month one but we did add a few more great tips to maintain steady growth to our hair goals !



Ok let’s talk growth for one second here .

Did you know the average persons hair grows 0.5 inches per month ! That means it takes approx a year to grow 6 inches of hair . 

Well you will be happy to hear that by changing our habits and introducing our tips for growth Monique’s Hair  grew 1.5 inches which is 3x as much as the average growth rate !  

We couldn’t be happier to have things speed up (insert happy dance)  

Here are a couple things we added to our second month to keep up these amazing results!


Pre-natal Vitamin 

Ok ; there is no scientific evidence that taking a prenatal will increase hair growth but based on our own research pre-natal supplements aren’t just amazing for expectant mothers.

When looking at a label these vitamins give higher amounts of the nutrients needed to help produce healthy hair such as selinium , folic acid  , biotin and much more . 

When looking for a vitamin even a multivitamin will suffice as you want to ensure you aren’t taking too much iron or folate as this can cause other health issues . We wanted to receive higher amounts of these minerals in one dosage as we didn’t  want to add in each one separately.(which is an option). Taking a prenatal Is the most convenient way to add everything in one dose.

As always do not rely on supplements.

Eating a healthy diet of leafy greens, mushrooms , salmon, Brazil nuts and much more will also contribute greatly to your hair growth.

We are only taking this multi every other day. We are also ensuring the iron dosage does not exceed 45 mg to prevent any health concerns. As this dosage can be toxic to children and adults.

As we sat comparing labels and found that this supplement is very similar to other hair growth supplements and could perhaps have many hair growth benefits; thus we decided to safely add it into our routine.

Always consult with your physician before adding in any supplement to your diet.


Lowered Stress

We have had a big year with lots of changes and wanted to midigate and minimize stress as it can reek havoc on beauty .

We have made a conscious effort to take more down time, naps, and baths to decompress after big events or salon days. Stress hormones when elevated can cause alopecia areata. This can cause hair loss or stop growth and we obviously don’t want that !  

It’s simple and we all know that it’s important to take time to nurture our bodies because productive progress happens when our bodies are in recovery.


Silke London Hair Wraps  

These hair wraps are easy and super cute to wear to bed ! They are a 100%  silk which helps prevent friction and allows your natural oils to nourish your hair .

This allows you to have longer lasting styles, reduction in frizz and overall healthy hair ! We began wearing ours because we were  concerned of breaking  our fine ends while sleeping .

Monique hasn’t  been able to have second day Hair with shorter hair in years. Silke London has allowed her to greatly stretch out her hair washing thus leaving her natural oils behind to do the hard work for her !

We loved them so much that we now offer them in salon and they will also be available Jan 15.2018 online ! 


Are you adding in any of these tips and tricks to help with your hair growth ?

Let us in on your hair journey by commenting below 💕 


Color Correction

We were absolutely saddened when we saw this gals look that she paid over $200.00 for.

What went wrong ?  

This client didn’t give up on the stylist and went back a second time to allow the stylist to try again .  

Now this is where you can see the darker pink that almost looks purple. This stylist clearly didn’t want to admit this work was unacceptable and decided to take the easy way out and just tried to cover the work instead of fix it .

This is where can learn from each other’s mistakes.

As professionals we should take the time to critique ourselves and instead of rushing the process be sure to take time and work with integrity .

Dont be the stylist that allows work like this to leave the salon . Work hard and always look for ways to improve, take classes and develop a critical eye for your art work .


Before  (not our work )

Before  (not our work )

How we fixed it !

This client was on a budget and she had already paid what she wanted to spend on her hair .

So to minimize cost and maximize our results we decided to cover the root sections with a darker color to mask the root demarcation underneath, then proceed with a half head of baby lights to correct the areas that needed the most attention.

We explained to her that correcting hair is like painting a wall.

When we want to properly prep the wall we use primer to make it all one color and then proceed with the desired colours . This makes the color chosen vibrant and desirable.

If we didn’t prime the wall or remove the previous color we would still see the unwanted color underneath.  

In this case lightener is the primer with corrections and the fashion color is the paint. Once we explained what to expect the client agreed that to stay budget friendly we will approach the top and correct the rest  later when her finances were in order   .

She knew that hidden areas under the top section will not have a seamless fade out. By giving the client the painted wall analogy she understood that without a proper base to a color the longevity of the work will be comprised.

Just because we cannot see the demarcation does not mean it isn’t there or won’t show up later on !

After    Once the client understood all possible risks and outcomes we began to proceed with the color.     Sectioning   : 


Once the client understood all possible risks and outcomes we began to proceed with the color. 


We began by sectioning the hair and mapping out a diamond section on the top of the head starting the first point at her recession.

She seemed to have the most banding and demarcation in these areas . We picked out the areas that needed the most attention . We incased the babylights in foil.

Lightener Formula: Oligo professional extra blonde lightener mixed with oligo lightening cream equal parts 20 vol 

Bottom Sections : 

When the diamond section was complete while it processed we applied the darker bottom Colors.

Root Formula :  10g of Jam pulp riot , 15 g of   Velvet pulp riot , 5 g of Cupid pulp riot

Mid length to Ends Formula: 

10g of Cupid , pea size of Jam  

Once the bottom and top were completely processed (highlight pale yellow). We rinsed will cool water and shampooed the top section only .

 Top Section 

We blow dried the clients top section until dry and then applied the fashion colours listed below .

 Root Formula : 10g of Jam pulp riot , 5g of   Velvet pulp riot , 15 g of Cupid pulp riot

Mid-length to Ends Formula : 10g of Cupid 15g of light pink  

We allowed this to process for the full 45min. Once done rinsed with cool water applied conditioner and then styled ! 

What do you think ? Leave some comments below !  



The Art of Being Playful



We wanted to touch on playfulness today and how maintaining a playful spirit in salon can help you as a hair artist ...


Sometimes when working with stylists in salon we notice that the pressure of the work and pleasing clients takes away the spark to experiment behind the chair.


Lets be real... this spark is what makes each stylist unique and attracts a clientele that suits the stylist. Being playful and allowing stylists to see themselves as artists can create a whole new mindset and allow them to thrive not just survive.


Ways to Be Playful:


1. Clients

When doing anything creative for a career sometimes the "magic" can be lost. Do not allow yourself with your regulars to get in a routine. Use these clients as an chance to try new things. These can be the best clients to experiment on as they know your skill and will forgive little imperfections.


2. Money Talk

When we need this work to thrive financially sometimes we put so much pressure on nailing a look or being the best that the magic can be lost. Trust us clients can tell when that little spark is missing. So take a deep breath and remember that all things happen in time and with dedication. When you "do the work" and make a plan money will come.


3. Be yourself

Stop trying to fit into brands or ideas that aren't you. Try new things but allow yourself to put your own spin on the technique. Where would we be if  Vidal Sassoon kept cutting hair like everyone else!?


4. Use your Mannequin

Sometimes as we progress we do not take the time to experiment. Play with your mannequin as this allows the ultimate freedom to play. Allow yourself to get excited and use your down time for playfulness.


5. New Products

Most of us are product junkies so we get excited when new products arrive. Try to switch up your product choices and really be present when styling your client. What texture or feel does the product have ? How is this product different from others? Being objective and finding the little things like products in salon can get you excited and help you bring in more revenue without even thinking about money.


Being playful can mean different things for different artists.


What are you currently doing in salon to keep the "magic" flowing ?


Comment below ! We want to hear from you!

Product Of The Month

Essential Oils By Elle Studio

As many of you know we have been making our salon a non-toxic environment.

So when we found these amazing high grade essential oils that are made in Canada it was a no brainer we needed them !

These oils when diffused have added to the tranquil salon environment and so far our clients have been loving it !

So because of all the love we now carry the whole line available in salon so you can diffuse your favourite scent at home too! 

Jade Diffuser 110.00

Jade Diffuser 110.00

Why we love diffusing !

We love diffusing as it has so many benefits and we wanted to share that with our clients! 

We also know getting hair done for some people can be a really stressful and intimidating experience, so we wanted to help put your body and mind at ease ...yes diffusing does that too ....

Here is a list of just some of the awesome benefits to diffusing:


Not only can you diffuse at home but you now can diffuse your favourite relaxing scent on the go ! 

These are soft genuine leather and hand crafted diffuser bracelets !  

We needed these for our days off and thought you might want to indulge too :)  


Only $35.00



We are in love with this awesome line and needed to let you know about these amazing additions to our retail !

These are perfect gifts for the holiday season whether your a seasoned essential oil user or not .

We tend to change up the blends used in the salon based on our mood and clients needs. We have loved every single one and hope you do too ! 

Check below the oil blends and their health benefits below 









See something you want ? Email us to place an order 

Grow Baby Grow


Growing out your hair can be quite the journey leaving many clients feeling frustrated.

With that said I have decided to grow out my hair from a pixie cut to help give you the best tips and tricks.

In the first month I wanted to try very simple additions so I wouldn’t get overwhelmed. I also didn’t measure my hair growth for the first 30days  because as we know with natural supplements it takes time to see results. However I will begin to track my exact growth per month. I just wanted to give my body time to adjust.

I did end up seeing a lot of growth thus far and I am very happy with the results.  I will continue to add in additional supplements each month and new tips for each stage of the grow out so if your joining me stay tuned.

Below I have included the first steps I have done to accelerate hair growth ! 


Water hydrates the body and helps to regulate the circulatory system, which feeds the hair follicle, which then stimulates hair growth. If your hair roots are deficient in adequate water levels your hair will eventually become dry, brittle and may stop growing. 

Our bodies are composed of 60-80% water. When it does not receive the adequate amount of water in order to maintain cell health and reproduction, it becomes dehydrated which can directly impact hair growth.

They say water is the miracle pill for beauty and I believe this to be true ! Once I added more water into my routine I felt better and noticed my hair , skin and nails begin to improve. 

 Hair Growth Supplement: 

Supplements are a great addition to a healthy diet however they should not be relied on or overused. I am currently using a supplement that contains herbs. These herbs have many health benefits and should be only used therapeutically (6-12 month period) . I have found that when I take this supplement I have been more alert and energized which would have a lot to do with improving blood flow in the body which directly impacts hair growth.

It’s hard to say if this supplement itself has had  a direct impact however I will continue use to aid in hair growth . I will release the name of the exact supplement once I feel I have seen it’s full efficacy.

Thinking about taking a supplement?

Avoid ones that are not water soluble ( ie. Iron) 

I would suggest talking to your doctor before adding in any supplement especially herbal as they can interact with various medications and conditions. 

Vitamin B complex with Biotin: 

Vitamin B  such as Biotin  have been shown to be essential vitamins for hair growth.

Vitamin B is essential  for proper functioning of almost every process that occurs in our body. It is of critical importance for metabolism, the nervous system, vital organs, eyes, muscles, skin and hair.

Our body uses different energy yielding food sources like carbohydrates, fats and proteins for fuel. Vitamin B helps the body utilize   that fuel. They play a major role in the activities of enzymes and proteins that regulate chemical reactions in the body, which are important for turning food into energy.

Our body, however, has a limited capacity of storing Vitamin B, so high amounts of Vitamin B consumption is necessary for the proper functioning of the body processes. This is why I felt I should include this supplement into my diet.

Thiamine ( another B vitamin) helps to improve the blood circulation of the scalp. This hastens hair growth process and provides oxygen to hair follicles.

I recently had a client with dry brittle hair do blood work and she was very low on B12 . So it just proves that what goes on internally truly does effect and fuel your beauty.


I have fine hair and as I gain more length especially during the winter months friction on the hair is something to consider as it can also cause hair to break . Ensuring my hair is getting an adaquate amount of moisture to prevent breakage and brittleness is essential. Due to the fact that I am also spreading out my hair visits I do want to make sure that my split ends are kept to a minimum and do not work against my hair growth goals. We all want healthy vibrant hair in the end right ?

Hats, Headbands and Bobby Pins: 

It has been over 10 years since I’ve even needed a brush to maintain my hair. Purchasing these simple items has made it so much easier to hide my hair when I have one of “those” days.

I use bobby pins to keep my longer areas in the front out of my face or to give my hair volume when it’s really limp and flat. Headbands have also been great to pull hair away from the face and keep my hair looking tidy.

Hats have been my saviour when I feel like I want to hide all of my hair while still maintaining a style.

These options can be cute ! Look at this as a fun and creative experience and a chance to play . 

12-16 Week Hair Appointments: 

I have spaced my hair appointments to help aid in hair growth . Now three Months is truly as long as you should go without visiting your stylist. I’ve found with clients that these hair appointments are great to tidy the areas like the nape that create that mullet feel during any grow out  . My goal is to remove split ends and create shape ..not loose length .  This will help make the grow out easier and less bulky . I’ve already noticed that my shape is more bob-like therefore I am more positive and able to stay on track.

Spinach, Broccoli and Leafy Greens: 

These awesome veggies will aid in hair growth due to the high amount of folic acid . I wanted to stick to a natural addition of folic acid instead of going straight to a pre-natal vitamin because let’s be real here I don’t think I could remember to take that many supplements. However eventually I will in addition to eating a healthy diet add in a prenatal when my multi runs out.  

Like we have heard before you are what you eat . This rings true when it comes to beauty and for whatever reason this seems to be ignored.

So forget the magic pills and reach for your leafy greens ladies! 


So I’m eating healthy , adding in some basic supplements and now I need to get that circulation going to help aid in hair follicle growth. Increased Blood supply to our extremities for various health reasons is essential  but a good sweat sesh will also help increase blood flow to the scalp. I’ve found it hard to make the time but hair production really truly comes down to overall health . So wish me luck as I continue to do these core hair growth tips!

Next month I’ll introduce you to some essential hair growth  products !



Beat Winter Static


These are our favourite tips to avoid static during the winter months.


1. Avoid plastic brushes.

Switch your brushes to a wooden natural bristle brush to minimize static while brushing.


2. Avoid touching your hair

As we know friction cases static so the less you touch your hair the better


3. Use a leave- in conditioner

This will help add moisture back into the hair and prevent frizz.


4. Turn down the heat

In the winter we tend to up our thermostats which can cause dryness to the skin and hair. To help with this add a humidifier into your home or where you sleep to bring moisture back into the air


5. Hairspray

Apply a little bit of hair spray to your brush before brushing your hair. This will weigh the hair down and prevent static.


6. Light hair Oils

Apply a small amount of hair oil to dry hair (on the ends only ) to help moisturize and cut down static . We keep a small one in my purse to use throughout the day as needed


7. Invest in an Ionic blow dryer

Static has (+) ions this kind of technology emits (-) ions to neutralize static. This science based technology has a lot of other benefits so we believe it’s well worth the investment.


8.  Treatments

This prevents dryness that causes static . The more moisture in the air the less friction and static present.


9. Silk or satin hair wrap/pillowcase

This reduces friction while you sleep allowing you to wake up static free!


10. Dryer sheets

If all else fails grab some dryer sheets and rub to your combs and hair . This is easy to store in your purse for those hair emergencies




Homemade Medium Hold Hairspray

Did you know that many hairsprays contain harmful ingredients that pose health and environmental risks ?

Listed below are some ingredients to look out for :

RETINYL ACETATE (VITAMIN A ACETATE) Biochemical or cellular level changes, Cancer, Developmental/reproductive toxicity, Organ system toxicity (non-reproductive).



Ecotoxicology, Allergies/immunotoxicity, Irritation (skin, eyes, or lungs), Miscellaneous, Organ system toxicity (non-reproductive).



Endocrine disruption, Allergies/immunotoxicity, Organ system toxicity (non-reproductive), Persistence and bioaccumulation.









Ecotoxicology, Allergies/immunotoxicity.





Want to purchase safer hairspray?

Visit us at the salon !

Want to make your own ?

Check out this awesome recipe for a medium hold hair spray from @modernhippiehousewife


How to Clean Your Hot Tools

Hello Lovelies , 

We recently posted an Instagram poll and realized over 80% of you do not know how to care for your tools at home!

We had to share some quick and simple tips to keep your hair tools in top notch shape below.



1. Wipe down tools often 

Be sure to wipe down your tools at least  once a month with a cotton swab and rubbing alcohol or tool cleanser to remove build up.

After cleansing with rubbing alcohol wipe clean with a dry cloth .


 2. Extreme build up ?

For extreme product buildup use a paste of rubbing alcohol and baking soda to help remove build up.


 3. Follow Manufacturers Directions

Every tool is different so please read manufacturers directions for cleaning and maintenance.


4. Ceramic Plates?

Clean your hot tool while the plates are warm. Be sure to unplug your hot tool and then dampen a washcloth with some rubbing alcohol, and wipe the plates or wand clean. The heat will make it easier to clean, so you’re not picking at buildup that has cooled and hardened.


5. Don’t forget about that blow dryer  

Keep your dryer free from debris as it will help with shorter blow dry time .

On the back of your dryer is the grate which can be removed and is where dust can accumulate.  Once the grate is removed you may clean with warm water and old tooth brush to remove the debris. If you do not remove this debris your blow dryer can overheat and compensate causing burnt hair! 


It’s really that simple ladies 🙌🏻  

5 Questions to Promote Stylist Growth

At Vocare we believe the development of stylists should be a priority in the salon environment. We want stylists to feel empowered to grow, so we developed journals to help stylists be more mindful of their future.

When working in salon a lot of stylists think eventually their boss will invest in their future and do the hard work for them; but most of the time this just isn’t the case. This causes some stylists to feel lost and stray from accomplishing goals because they do not feel in control of their future  

Here are 5 questions to ask yourself or your stylists at the end of a hard day to keep everyone developing and learning even when things feel tough in salon. 


1.  What did you learn from today while doing your clients ?


2. What steps did you take to make today successful?


3.What could you have done differently?


4. How did you keep going when things got tough ?


5. What can you learn from someone who opposed you today ?


Know a stylist that could use more information like this ? 

Send them over to Facebook to join our group Vocare Hair Professional


Beauty Tip Tuesday Calming Scalp Irritation

Is your scalp feeling dry , irritated , itchy or flaking ?

Here are a few helpful tips to help calm a new or persistent scalp irritation.

1. Buy a Better Shampoo and cut out new products 

If your scalp irritation is new it may be a product that you have recently introduced that may be causing it. So cut out anything that may be new in your routine and slowly add things back in to see what is exactly contributing to your reaction. 

We often forget that our scalp is the same as the skin on our face, we spend so much time using the right products everywhere else so what not for our scalp !?

We recommend  using gentle products that do not strip the hair of its natural oils and  help the ph of the skin to stay in balance. Always check your ingredient labels to ensure that you are using a product with safe and effective ingredients.  If symptoms persists combine a gentle shampoo free of toxins with a medicated shampoo that contains Zinc Oxide. This will help soothe the scalp and allow the skin to heal. 

2. Diet  

Eating a healthy diet rich in nutrients will help skin and the immune system. Introduce foods high in Vitamin A such as peaches, cantaloupe, and apricots to help rejuvenate the skin .  

You may also introduce foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids as this aids in a visible reduction of inflammatory skin conditions like acne and psoriasis.  These fats are most abundant in sardines, salmon, mackerel, tuna, anchovies, and black cod. If your not a fish lover you may take these oils in capsule form or consume them through eating olive oil or nuts .

3. Natural Oils  

If your scalp is dry you may apply coconut oil to the affected area as it has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. This will help moisturize and defend this Scalp against infection. You may also add a drop of tea tree oil into the coconut oil to help kill any bacteria that may be causing the irritation. Coconut oil can be quite oily so we reccomned using it at night before showering in the morning.  

4. Exfoliate your Scalp  

Brushing your hair is also a way you can exfoliate your scalp . Use a boar bristle brush and place It on the scalp at your part on an angle , use a gentle flipping action of the bristles to give your scalp a little massage and to help remove any dead skin cells. You may do this as needed or before applying a moisturizer or using a medicated shampoo. 


5. Seek Professional Help  

So many factors such as hormones, stress, diet, and deficiencies can cause irritation on the scalp. If your symptoms persist we recommend visiting your family physician or dermatologist to help alleviate and treat your symptoms. 


Want more ore beauty tips ?

Stay tuned every Tuesday and let us know what you think our next Tip should be !  

Journaling for Success

Beauty professionals tend to rely too much on the salon atmosphere to provide them with direction which can lead to lack of motivation, increased turnover, and negative back room talk.  At Vocare we noticed a significant improvement in our mentored stylists when they were able to write all of their goals and educational tools all in one place.  It allowed them to gain clarity in achieving goals, the ability to feel in control of their destiny ,and to have gratitude with how far they have come.

We decided to make journals to help empower stylists to better themselves and maintain gratitude throughout their career. 

These one of a kind journals made specifically with stylists in mind can be found on our website.  

Here are a couple of reasons we are passionate about Journaling for your success! 


Health Benefits  

Not only have some of the most successful people such as Oprah and Tony Robbins been known to journal,  but journaling also has proven and studied health benefits.  

At the University of Texas a psychologist and researcher James Pennebaker contends that regular journaling strengthens immune cells, called T-lymphocytes. Pennebaker believes that writing about stressful events helps you come to terms with them, thus reducing the impact of these stressors on your overall health.  


 "Gratitude is the best attitude "

When we are able to see the positive things in life and write them down it helps us rewire our brain to see the good things first. This allows us to gain and maintain happiness as well as see the world around us in a new light. 



Permanent Record of Progress  

In our busy lives we tend to rush from one errand to the next. Accomplishing one thing to another without really realizing how much we have done or stop to notice our progress. Journaling allows us to have a record to help us keep track of our goals and accomplishments. Many times we get frustrated thinking we are stuck, that nothing has happened when in reality  we just haven't taken the time to analyze our progress or have a clear outline of our goals to work from. Journaling allows you to have a clear plan and stick to it making you more likely to stay inspired and continue towards those bigger goals and dreams.  

 Achieving Goals

When you write down your specific goals it signals to your brain that "this is important" helping you achieve those goals more quickly and with a greater sense of satisfaction. 

Self- Awareness and Problem Solving  

When you can clearly see your journey you are able to gain more self awareness , notice harmful patterns and solve problems in your life and career. When you can see where you have been, through failures and successes you are more likely to avoid the things that didn't work and improve upon the things that did. When we spend a lot of time pleasing others around us we forget that it is important to take a moment to go inward and reflect upon what truly makes us happy within the work place. 

Take the time to ask yourself what do you love ? What are you good at ? What does the world need?

Asking these important questions will help you narrow your focus and continue to find new ways to achieve your goals ! 

We hope that you will give journaling a try and let us know what you think ! 


Vocares' journals come in soft and hardcover options  

Vocares' journals come in soft and hardcover options 

Why we are Magazine Free

The first thing we usually offer clients that are processing is a magazine.

Did you know this alarming stat!?


We have decided to stop the madness and start REAL conversations in the salon environment again. Don't have a panic attack yes there will still be reading material but it will be images and books that educate,inspire , and uplift women.

We are professionals it's our JOB to give you the tools to look and feel beautiful daily so let's not distract from that with horrible and misleading reading material. 

This probably doesn't surprise many of our clients as we usually sit with them to talk and share our knowledge. We believe it adds a personal touch to what we do and uplifts our spirit to keep doing it! 

Lately we have been feeling and seeing how the culture puts pressure on women and we are getting tired of it . We are tired of hearing and saying I'm too this, I'm too that, don't I look better when I just cover my forehead?

On and on it goes ...  

We are constantly bombarded with unrealistic images yet told we should feel beautiful just the way we are. The worst part is we silently support it by clicking and reading all this SH!$.

At Vocare we want to be the first salon to give the culture a big middle finger and make the salon a place you can feel beautiful in your own skin and on your terms . So goodbye all things toxic, we just don't need ya! 

The salon is a place of no comparison, no judgement, and full freedom of expression. Everyone goes through life with transitions and phases that should be embraced and nurtured. We have been noticing the culture can sometimes distract us from our natural phases creating unrealistic expectations not just in beauty but in life !

Beauty is supposed to be fun however we get so fixated to look a certain way. (Trust us we notice it everyday)

We want to empower our clients to play, laugh, and feel confident in their skin because let's face it a new hairstyle or face cream can't change what's going on inside. 

At Vocare we want to help enhance the goods you got and express yourself in a positive way.

So let's play , connect , and get REAL together! 

Let us know what you think? Are you going to trash your mags to?


Beauticians Against Bullying

Have you experienced bullying in the workplace ?

Did you know that 40% of Canadian workers deal with bullying on a daily basis ?  

Clearly this is an issue we should not ignore and can impact your business greatly ! Everyone has seen it happen or has been directly affected by abusive behaviour however many of us do not feel comfortable talking about it. 


We believe when we raise awareness of important issues such as bullying and what it means to be abusive we can eliminate the victim mentality and empower others to be better. We need to hold each other accountable or these issues will continue to consume our work force.  

Beauticians are so focused on technical skills that we forget that there are other social skills that need to be developed as well. There are many factors within our industry that can create success and we should start bringing more like minded individuals together to help create better career development for all beauticians.

We hope that you are able to attend and support this amazing event as we know ther is always something to learn. 

Below are some helpful facts that outline more about bullying and it's subtle effects on the workplace.  


What it means to be a bully

A bully is a person who uses strength or power to harm or intimidate those who are weaker. They use superior strength or influence to intimidate,to force him or her to do what one wants.

I have seen this in every workplace and it can happen between employees , between a boss and workers, and even between clients and service professionals .  How we interact with one another breeds a culture within the workplace. What kind of culture do you want to be a part of ? 

What kind of bully are you dealing with? 

Knowing the individual is key in understanding how to deal with them properly.  

  • Subtle bullies – torment their targets with quiet but piercing techniques. Is a two-faced, passive-aggressive destroyer of reputations through rumour spreading, controls target's reputation and may also ignore only the individual to send a message.
  • Abusive bullies – hound a target employee without mercy, and humiliates target in a public setting.
  • Controlling bullies – control target via withholding resources (e.g. time, budget, autonomy, training) necessary to succeed.
  • Raging bullies – intimidate everyone in the vicinity with their out-of-control anger.
  • Echo bullies – are not normally abusive, these bullies mimic bullying behavior with their own subordinates.
  • Opportunistic bullies – are competitive people who are interested in making career gains even though it may involve stepping on other people.
  • Critic bullies – falsely accuse and undermine targets behind closed doors, attempting to control the target's self-identity. 

Signs and symptoms of bullies

  • Unrealistic job demands.
  • Unreasonable criticism.
  • Creating an inconsistent or unfair work environment.
  • Not giving credit where it is due.
  • Insults, putdowns, yelling, screaming, and other abusive behavior.
  • Increased employee turnover  
  • Increased stress
  • Increased accidents  
  • Decreased productivity and motivation  
  • Decreased morale
  • Decreased corporate image and confidence  
  • Constant and persistent criticism  
  • Belittling opinions 
  • Blocking training, leave, or promotion
  • Yelling or use of profanity towards an individual  
  • Tampering with personal belongings and equipment 

We are not always able to control others and their behaviour, however we can control our approach and how we deal with different personalities .

We should learn to better communicate with others to help empower all employees and make everyone feel as welcome as our customers.  

Learn to resolve the bullying 

It is very important to educate yourself on how to resolve conflict and connect with different personality types. The best way to approach a conflict is in a private setting allowing both parties to be heard. Many workplaces can bring in a third party if required to ensure both parties are heard and that progress to a resolution is made.

Often people are unaware of how their actions are being perceived. If no one speaks up nothing will change and the behaviour will continue. This is why we believe events like Beauticians Against Bullying are important to empower positive conversations and enforce better behaviour.  

We hope this helps bring awareness to helping create more positive work environments ! If you would like to learn more please visit our events page to attend Beauticians Against Bullying. 

 "Be the change you want to see in the beauty industry "

Beauty Without Pain !

We have seen many women ripping the new charcoal masks of their face thinking this is a wonderful treatment to extract white and black heads. Products can be effective without this kind of torture and pain. This aggressive approach is not good for the skin nor is it nessasary to see results.  

We have been loving Beauty Counter products and wanted to give you the low down on their amazing charcoal products.  


We have seen how effective these products can be and yes they are pain free ! 

Charcoal products are amazing for skin that is uneven, oily, and  acne prone. 

I have combination skin so the bar can be drying if used too often . So I use it to prep the skin to help the charcoal mask extract my black and white heads at least twice a week.

I have also used the mask as a spot treatment and it worked wonders to reduce the pimple in size. These products are a must have in your beauty arsenal! 


Spot treatment ....Before ............After  

Spot treatment ....Before ............After  


The Cleansing Bar  



It is made with Activated Charcoal!

Did you know Charcoal acts as a magnet pulling and absorbing all impurities from your skin without drying it out(most skin types) resulting in a smoother, brighter complexion?

Beauty Counters bar is made with antioxidant-rich, organic green tea and hydrating organic coconut oil. This gentle formula can be used daily on your face and body.

It can also be used to prep the skin before the charcoal mask to help draw out the impurities as natural oils when present on the skin can interfere with the detoxification and reduce the masks efficacy. 


Charcoal Mask



This mask works to gently exfoliate, draw out impurities, and soothe as well as improve skin’s overall condition by refining the appearance of pores and increasing elasticity. 

It is a must have for all skin types and you can see visable results with just a 10min treatment !  

We saw this mask work it's magic and where it was drawing out the impurities on my nose!  


See the small dots where oils were pulled out of the skin  

See the small dots where oils were pulled out of the skin  

After our pores were clear and noticeably smaller!  

Did we mention this and all of Beauty Counter products are non-toxic and free of over 1,500 potentially harmful chemicals! 

This mask is made with mineral-rich kaolin clay and charcoal powder, two ingredients that work to absorb impurities to balance and purify your skin.

The formula also includes salicylic acid, designed to smooth and brighten skin by stimulating exfoliation, as well as sodium hyaluronate, which supports skin's water retention.  

Dying to have this amazing product ?  

Shop Beauty Counter on our website


Mascara Review

We are ever so quickly falling in love with all of the Beauty Counter Products we have!  

We tested out the mascara and you will not believe how smudge proof this stuff is!

We haven't had any problems with flaking, smudging, or eye irritation.

The applicator is thin and we were able to apply to top and bottom lashes with ease.

We used three coats to thicken our lashes and it never made our lashes clumpy. This wand helped separate and lengthen our lashes leaving a natural and long lasting look!  



Did you know that many mascaras contain harmful ingredients such as : 

  • Butylparaben, Ethylparaben, and Propylparaben. Parabens are used as preservatives. ...
  • Thimerosal. ...
  • Synthetic Dyes. ...
  • Coal Tar Dyes. ...
  • Aluminum Powder. ...
  • Retinyl Acetate (Vitamin A Acetate) ...
  • Formaldehyde. ...
  • Imidazolidinyl Urea 

Putting many unnecessary chemicals in and around the eye which is a mucus membrane can be very harmful. These chemicals can cause allergic reactions and even sensitivitiy to light. 


Beauty Counter does not contain any of these questionable ingredients as they have banned up to 1,500 poetenially harmful ingredients!

Why take a chance when you don't have to!  

Let us help you make better beauty choices. 

Email us today!  

Beauty Counter Shampoo

Did you know that SAFE products can be just as effective as a professional product!?

When you use products at home be sure to read the label. Some shampoos can be misleading at first glance and could effect your overall health. 

Some Shampoo/Conditioners can contain preservatives that may be a neurotoxin. Beauty Counter products are free of 1,500 harmful ingredients including these preservatives.

Now you can have safe products that work and we wanted to prove it to you.  

We did an experiment to see how Beauty Counter stacks up against professional and drug store product. 

The results were amazing and may surprise you!  


This experiment shows us the quality of each product and how deceiving product labels can be. 

Compared (from left to right )our New Beauty Counter Shampoo , Drug Store product and Professional products to see how much colour they would draw from the extension .

 So the more pink you see the harsher the product is on YOUR HAIR!

We also let the product settle for 24 hours for you to see how clear it is and if the shampoo was indeed completely water soluble.



The results were mind blowing ! This showed us products can be safe and effective. We just need to educate ourselves on how to read our product labels so we know how to make better choices.

What is stopping you from purchasing safe products?

Shop Beauty Counter Online :

Never Leave the Salon Disappointed Again!

Always leave the hair salon feeling disappointed in the result ? Here are some helpful tips to prevent feeling unsure or disappointed.  

Hair by Monique  

Hair by Monique  

1. Have a clear vision before your appointment.

It's always important to trust the professional you see however always letting them tell you what you want can leave you disappointed. Yes we know best however it is important for them to know your preferences..You need to be involved in the decision making that way you understand all of your options and feel confident in the end result. 

 2. Bring visuals  

We love photos! They are the best way to describe a desired look. It can be hard when looking at photos to know what is realistic for your hair type, but it can be a great tool to point your stylist in the right direction in making your dream hair a reality. Never expect to have your hair look like the photo but instead use the photo as a tool to show ideas or certain aspects you love. Then you can come up with a plan to help get your hair as close as possible to the photo with your stylist.  

3. Make the time for your desired look

Always show up on time. Yes we know your stylist may not always be on time but in most cases it is due to another client being late or unforeseen complications due to a clients hair history! We respect your time however certain hair appointments may take more than three hours when colour is involved! Rushing can ruin hair integrity therefore leaving you disappointed in the end result.  We ask that you give time for your stylist to transform your look. If you are unsure or booking other appointments for that day double check how long it may take or warn your stylist that you only have so much time allotted for this appointment. Then they can let you know what they can achieve within that time frame.

4. Keep it realistic  

Always listen to your stylists recommendations and be honest about your hair history. If you have black box coloured hair it is unrealistic to have blonde in one session. Make hair goals with your stylist and ask them how many sessions it will take to get your desired result. 

5. Stick to your goals

It can be hard to grow out a new style or feel like change isn't happening fast enough. However if you see it through you will have a better idea of the style you desire and slight adjustments you may need for it to suit your lifestyle. Try not to be fickle about big transformations as changing your hair every appointment can reek havoc on your hair and may be the reason why you can't seem to get your colour just right.

6. Give constructive criticism  

Unhappy with what you see ? Be sure to politely let your stylist know! Many times all it takes is a slight adjustment to make you happy . If it may take more time you can then discuss the options and pre-book to have it adjusted to your liking at another time.

7. Make your budget clear

Most stylists are willing to work with you on a budget. There are many options to get a desired look and if you are open to suggestions you may be able to keep your hair costs down! If what you want isn't possible within your budget don't worry; it will help you know how much you should save for your next visit. 

8.  Learn when to reevaluate your hair wants and needs  

Some hair types will never be able to safely be platinum blonde. I don't ever like to say I won't try something however there does come a point where it isn't worth compromising the hair to get a desired colour. Most colours are possible over time with treatments and proper at home care.

9. Be willing to put in a little time at home 

At home care is what you do day to day ! It is the most important part of the salon visit. So when your stylists suggests products listen! It can save your hair and keep your investment looking better longer ! Create new habits and routines based on your stylists suggestions and you will see a difference in how your hair styles and overall health. If you want a certain colour or haircut be sure to keep up with the at home care. If you are unsure about your at home practices do not be afraid to ask for help. Many stylists love teaching moments with clients, and it also allows you to feel more at ease hearing the wealth of knowledge you never knew your stylist had. 

10.   Learn to trust and when to practice patience 

Trust is the foundation of all relationships. Be sure to find a stylist that is confident and one that you feel you can talk to. Sometimes we need our hairstylist to be honest and talk us off a ledge or encourage us to take a leap in a new direction. A great relationship with your stylist will make appointments more enjoyable; as you can sit at ease knowing they are working with great skill and integrity!

We hope this helps you in finding a wonderful new style ! Please leave comments below if you have anything else to add or questions . We would love to hear from you !